Traffic Management Plans

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Traffic Control Plans

Titanium Traffic Management is fully qualified to produce a variety of plans including:

  • Traffic Management Plans (TMP)
  • Traffic Control Plans (TCP)
  • Pedestrian Management Plans (PMP)
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Traffic Management Plan (TMP)
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TCP Design

TTM will analyse all aspects when designing traffic control plans including:

  • Existing Street Lights
  • Barrier Boards
  • New Painted Chevron Median
  • Site Access Roads
  • Safety Barriers
  • Temporary Foot Path
  • Compound Boundary
  • Existing Road work & Traffic Signage
  • Cover Vehicles (Shadow Vehicle)
  • Existing Distance Marker
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Traffic Control Plan
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TCP Regulations

Signs and devices are to be positioned in accordance with tolerances shown in section 3.5.8 of the TCAWS Manual Version 4.0 2010.

This TCP is based on RMS TCP 83 & 57 from the TCAWS Manual Version 5.0 2018.

The value of speed limits displayed shall match the speed zone approval.

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Traffic Management Plan Example

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Titanium Traffic Management has three fully qualified designers with years of experience to meet your requirements on time every time.

We also handle council, RMS applications and permits as well as traffic control audits.